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Kraftwerk Kover Kollection Vol 1-7 (2004-2012)
Category: Electronic | Date: 16.08.2012 06:11
ARTIST.... Kraftwerk
TITLE....... Kover Kollection Vol 1-7
STYLE..... Electronic
QUALITY..... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo

Kraftwerk Kover Kollection Vol.1-7 (2004-2012)

Kraftwerk Kover Kollection Vol.1-7 (2004-2012)

Kraftwerk Kover Kollection vol 1 tracklist:
Michael Bailey - Solid Steel intro
Fearless 4 - Rockin' It
Pelding - It's More Fun to Compute
Trouble Funk - Trouble Funk Express
Makoto Inoue - Europe Endless / Neon lights
The Divine Comedy - Radioactivity
Senor Coconut - Trans Europe Express
Senor Coconut - The Man Machine
Souxsie & the Banshees - Hall Of Mirrors
Senor Coconut - The Robots
Balanescu Quartet -The Robots
Tafkafb - Waltz Mit Der Robot
Apoptygma Berzerk - Ohm Sweet Ohm
Frenchbloke & Son - Neon Love (Cha Cha Cha)
Jason Moran - Planet Rock
Tremelo Beer Gut - Das Model
Big Black - The Model
Rammstein - Das Model
Ride - The Model
Frenchbloke & Son - Sexy Model
Buffalo Daughter - Autobahn
Dark Side of the Autobahn
Rot Front Trikont - The Robots
Senor Coconut - Showroom Dummies
Girls On Top - I Want To Dance With Numbers
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock (Elecktric Music Classic Mix)
Coptic Rain -The Robots
Erasure - Blue Savannah (Der Deutsche mix)
DMX Krew - Showroom Dummies
Melt Banana - Showroom Dummies
Aqua Vista - The Model
Senor Coconut - Home Computer
Senor Coconut - Tour De France
Elakelaiset Poro - Reindeer/Robots
Release date: Apr 16, 2004

Kraftwerk Kover Kollection Vol.1-7 (2004-2012)

Kraftwerk Kover Kollection vol 2 tracklist:
Das Erste Wiener Gemueseorchester (First Viennese Vegetable Orchestra) - Radio Activity
Casio VL80 calculator - Computer World
April Nine - Radioactivity
Papa Dee - The Model
Laether Strip - Showroom Dummies
P.O.D. - Die Roboter
The One You Love - Trans Europe Express
Uter - ohm sweet ohm
Terre Thaemlitz - Ruckzuck
The Manatees - The Model + Jerky Boys - The Gay Model
Chris Whitely - The Model
Hikashu -The Model
The Treble Spankers - The Model
Miladojka Youneed - Pocket Calculator (live)
Satoru Wono feat. Meiwa Denki - Dentaku
Black Wedding - Taschenrechner
Lloyd Cole & the Commotions - Pocket Calculator (live)
Senor Coconut - Radioactivity
Diplo - Percao feat. Pantera Os Danadinhos
Drop da Bomb - Computerworld
Dhiva - Tashenrechner
P.M. Dawn - If I Wuz U
The Balanescu Quartet - Pocket Calculator
Erasure - Blue Savannah (die Deutchse remix)
Laiboforcen - Numbers
Anthony Rother - Numbers/Computerwelt
Dynamix II - Techno Bass
Le Juan Love feat. DJ Man - Mega Mix (House Style)
Anthony Rother - Trans Europe Express
Kurtis Mantronik - Original Electron
Snakefinger - The Model
Galaxy Sound Orchestra - The Model
David Byrne & The Balanescu Quartet - The Model (live)
Frenchbloke & Son - Sexy Model (Strings)
Electric Six - The Model
Westbam - Monkey Say, Monkey Do
Think Tank - Hack One
The Balanescu Quartet - Computer Love
Release date: Aug 16, 2004

Kraftwerk Kover Kollection Vol.1-7 (2004-2012)

Kraftwerk Kover Kollection vol 3 tracklist:
Skanfrom - Phon Sweet Phon
Compulsion - Home Computer live
Evil Twin - Trans Europe/ JT
DJ Danielson - Partisans of the Lesser Known (Man in Suit)
Mannequin Depressives - The Model
The Cardigans - Das Model
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows - Modela
Jack n Madness - I Like Percussion
Z-Entropa - Antenna
Orchestral Manouvers In The Dark - Neon Lights
U2 - Neon Lights
Makoto Inoue - Europe Endless/Neon Lights
Koto - Trans Europe Express
Empire State Human - Hall of Mirrors
Terre Thaemlitz - Schaufensterpuppen
Bowery Electric - Freedom Fighter
X-Ecutioners - A Journey into Sound
Mitja V.S. - Neon Lights
Jay-Z - (Always Be My) Sunshine
MC Lyte - Cha Cha Cha
2 Live Crew - My Dick Almighty
Frenchbloke & Son - No Expo
Terre Thaemlitz - Mensche Machine
Fink - Autobahn
Tragic Comedy - Autobahn
Gary Lucas - Autobahn
Kimitaka Matumae - Atem/Harmonika
Beitthron - Airwaves
Teruo Nakano - Computer Love
Alva Noto - Man Machine
XCRanium - The Man Machine
Terre Thaemlitz - Tour de France
Terre Thaemlitz -Morgen Spazergang
Skanfrom - Phon Sweet Phon
Xingu Hill - Electric Cafe
Release date: Jan 17, 2005

Kraftwerk Kover Kollection Vol.1-7 (2004-2012)

Kraftwerk Kover Kollection vol 4 tracklist:
DJ Flywheel - Solid Steel intro
Bigg Ocean Mobb IV-1-5 - Gangster Driven
Wagon Christ - unknown studio session
Coldplay - Talk (instrumental demo)
MC Duke - I'm Riffin'
X-Men - It's More Fun To Sample
DMX Krew - Homecomputer
Luke Vibert - Homewerk
P.L - Transeuropa Express
Rodney Bakerr - Numbers
Torul - It's More Fun To Compute
Alenia - Home Computer
LCD Soundsystem - Dicso Infiltrator
MAW - Electronic Tranz
Love Tractor - Neon Lights
Bass Junkie - Robotechno
Coldplay - Talk (Thin White Duke remix)
Beck - Get Real Paid
Poison Clan - Dance All Nite
Audio Science Trans Europe Express
Yoshinori Sunahara - The Telephone Call
Biochip C - Steal It and Deal It (DMX Krew edit)
Zoot Woman - The Model
Partia - Das Model
King Automatic - The Model
Top of the Pops - Autobahn
Gorefest - Autobahn
The Balanescu Quartet - Autobahn
Roni Size feat Rahzel - Out of Breath
DJ Godfather - Ping Pong / Ping Beatz
Ionic Vision - Tour De France
Fresh Prince and Ready Rock C - Live at Union Sq outtake
DJ Craze - DMC 2000 Final routine
Morocco Moe - Task
The Beat Konductor - Open (space)
Trans Am - Man Machine (live)
Coldcut - Everything's Under Control (Theory 0.1)
Rozmarinke - Radioactivity
Videosex - Spacelab (Gus Gus remix)
Albert Kuvezin and Yat-kha - Man Machine
Release date: Aug 4, 2006

Kraftwerk Kover Kollection Vol.1-7 (2004-2012)

Kraftwerk Kover Kollection vol 5 tracklist:
Samarkan | Solid Steel Intro
Turf Talk ft. E-40 & Young Mugzi | Do The Robot
Wallenstein | Exis O1 Intro
Kollo | Franz Schubert (Kollo remix)
LCD Soundsystem | Get Innocuous
(Soulwax version)
Bit Weapon | Spacelab
Bubblyfish | It's More Fun To Compute
Death In Vegas | Kontroll
Para One | Showroom Dummies
Crazy Girl | Showroom Dummies
Breakout | Planet Rock (Jazz version)
Kollo | Autobahn (Kollo remix)
Bit Shifter | Antenna
?Primal Scream | Autobahn 66
Sany Pitbull | Funk Alemao
Aurelius ft. Ashanti | My Number Babe
Modified Toy Orchestra | Pocket Calculator
Clones | Clones
6Blocc | Digits
Fink | The Model
Terre Thaemlitz | Die Roboter
Kalyanji Anandji | Y.O.G.A.
El Aviador Dro | El Modelo
Fatboy Slim | Radioactivity
Cha Cha 2000 | Autobahn
San Jose Cow Muzak | Autobahn
Case Managers | Autobahn
Release date: Jan 11, 2008

Kraftwerk Kover Kollection Vol.1-7 (2004-2012)

Kraftwerk Kover Kollection vol 6 tracklist:
New David - Computer Love (mp3)
Glass Candy - Computer Love (Italians Do It Better)
8-bit Operators - Computer Love (Astralwerks)
Kraftwerk - It's More Fun To Compute (Busy P remix) (mp3)
DJ Tameil - Trans Newark Express (Money Studies)
Between The Sheets - Late Night Radio (Bootlegs)
Keith Mansfield - Electromatics (A&B) (KPM)
The Simonsound - Tour de Mars (Project Blue Book)
8-bit Operators - The Robots (die roboter) (Astralwerks)
Santogold - Anne (Switch mix) (CDR)
Dreamland Happy Times For All - Showroom Dummies (Spill)
Christian Prommer - Trans Europa Express (Sonar Kollektiv)
Doormouse - Werkin' It (Addict Records)
Para One - It's More Fun To Compute ( Orchard)
8-bit Operators - Pocket Calculator (Astralwerks)
Hajime Fukuma - Musique Non Stop (FGL Productions)
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet -Autobahn (mp3)
New David - Autobahn (mp3)
Antediluvian Rocking Horse - Craft Work Out (Spill)
Fleetwood Mac - The Chain (Warner Brothers)
Vibravoid - Ruckzuck (Fruits De Mer)
Clowns Smiling Backwards - Hall of Mirrors (Spill)
The Cure - Like Cockatoos (Rhino /WEA)
Death in Vegas - Zugaga (Drone)
Soma Mestizo - Trans Europe Express (Soma Mestizo)
Two Litre Dolby with Chris Smith - Radioactivity (Spill)
Huon - Upfield Bike Path (Spill)
New David - Expo 2000 (mp3)
Release date: Nov 13, 2009

Kraftwerk Kover Kollection Vol.1-7 (2004-2012)

Kraftwerk Kover Kollection vol 7 tracklist:
Soil Ride Solid Steel intro (mp3)
Mensch Mach - Autobahn (Meta Records)
Hot Chords Of Piano - The Man Machine (Hotchords)
Hongry - Kraftwerk Flanigin (Sonic Sounds Productions)
Joakim - Kraftwerk mashup (mp3)
DJ Spinna - Computer Love (Shanachie Entertain)
Mensch Mach - Die Roboter (Meta Records)
Prof. Krupky - Tour De France (Vitamin Records)
Mark Ford - Trans Europe Express/Franz Schubert/Stayin' Alive segment from The Making of The History of Rock n Roll (mp3)
Space Factory - Radio Activity (Musicdisc Records)
Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan- Dil Da Rog Muka Ja Mahi (Six Degrees)
Ladytron - He Took Her To A Movie (Invicta Hi-Fi)
Green Hill - The Model (Harvest)
Ultra Magnetic MC's - Traveling At The Speed of Thought (Hip-House Club Mix) (Next Plateau)
ATOM - Music Non Stop (ATOMs Drunken Bunny Mix) (Mashup Industries)
Yamamoto - Tour De France (Spill)
Overproof Soundsystem - The Model (Bangers)
The Members - The Model (Arista)
Mensch Mach - Taschenrechner (Meta Records)
LeeDM101 - Radioactive Tubular Girls (MP3)
Slingshot - You Shook Me All Night Long (instrumental) (Quality)
Doormouse - Werkin' It (Addict Records)
Mischapex - Kraftwerk 303 (mp3)
Professor X - Professor X (Saga)
Powerplant - Tour De France (Signum classics)
Powerplant - Pocket Calculator (Signum classics)
SI Futures - Eurostar (Novamute)
John Foxx & The Maths - The Running Man (Metamatic Records)
Optigang - Pocket Calculator (mp3)
Release date: Mar 31, 2012
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