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DMCA Information. Removal Information

Tangerine Dream - The Electronic Journey (10CD Remastered) (2010)
Category: Electronic | Date: 05.06.2012 20:31
ARTIST.... Tangerine Dream
TITLE....... The Electronic Journey
STYLE...... Electronic, Ambient
LABEL..... Membran Music Ltd
MODE ..... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo

Tangerine Dream - The Electronic Journey (10CD Remastered) (2010)

Having re-released a large part of Tangerine Dream's back catalog in 2009, the Germany based  
Membran label released the box set The Electronic Journey in September 2010. It contains ten  
full-length albums from the Membran catalog, all repackaged in cardboard sleeves and put      
together in a cardboard box. Recording date 1982 - 2006.
The box is decorated by the same photo that Membran already had used in 2009 for the box set  
Ballads, presenting the current live line-up of TD that is not at all related to the music    
featured on the discs.                                                                        
The cardboard sleeves of the individual albums do neither feature the original artwork nor    
that of the regular Membran releases but are designed similarily to the box itself; the back  
sides of the sleeves feature the track listings and credits.

There are especially a few major faults present on the regular Membran releases of the        
individual albums that were not fixed for this box release:                                   
- the track listing of "The Seven Letters From Tibet" lists the composition The Golden Head,  
though the disc features The Golden Heart;                                                    
- "Cyberjam Collection" lists the composition Exit, but the disc contains Pilots Of Purple    
Twilight instead;                                                                             
- two tracks of "The Dante Song Collection" are listed with wrong titles;                     
- the first two tracks of "Canyon Cazuma" are exchanged in the track listing, in respect to   
the sequence as featured on the disc;                                                         
- the track listing of "The Independent Years" features Ruling The Waves, but present is      
Ivory Town.

All mantioned above listing faults were corrected in tagging.
CD01 - Seven Letters From Tibet (remastered 2006)
01 The Red Blood Connection
02 The Orange Breath
03 The Golden Heart
04 The Green Land
05 The Blue Pearl
06 The Indigo Clouds
07 The Purple of All Curtains 
CD02 - Starbound Collection (remastered)
01 Turn of the Tides
02 Living in a Fountain Pen
03 Midwinter Night
04 Tyranny of Beauty
05 Birdwatcher's Dream
06 Body Corporate
07 Death of a Nightingale
08 Haze of Fame
09 Story of the Brave
10 Homeless (1992 live version) 
CD03 - Silver Siren Collection (partly remastered & live performances)
01 Beauty Of The Blast
02 Longing For Cashba
03 Bois De Boulogne
04 Stoneyard
05 Akash Deep
06 Storm Seekers
07 Gaudi Parc
08 Last Trumpet On 23rd Street
09 Silver Siren
10 Dream Sculpture
CD04 - Ocean Waves Collection (remastered)
01 Quinoa
02 Ancient Power Plant
03 Speed Dragon
04 Oceanride
05 Sundance Kid
06 Hamlet 
CD05 - Transsiberia
01 Yaroslaw Station
02 Smoky Karlow
03 Siberian Lights
04 Jenissei River
05 Baikal Sunrise
06 Samowar Juri
07 Ulan Ude
08 Chingan Night
09 Russian Soul
10 The Golden Horn
CD06 - Cyberjam Collection (remastered)
01 Cool Shibuya
02 Culpa Levis
03 Sad Merlin┤s Sunday
04 Pilots Of Purple Twilight (re-rec)
05 Elf June And The Midnight Patrol (vienna mix)
06 Forth Worth Runway One
07 Order Of The Ginger Guild
08 Iguana
09 At Darwin's Hotel
10 United Goblin's Parade 
CD07 - The Dante Song Collection From The Divine Comedy
01 Chasing the Bad Seed
02 Hope and Glory
03 Dante in Despair
04 Soulgate
05 Sisyphus
06 The Spirit of Virgil
07 Transformazione
08 Prison Of Paradise
09 Beyond Sodom and Gomorrha
10 La Ley De La Montana
11 Mercury Sphere
12 Invisible Sun
13 No More Birth No More Death
14 L'Ultima Tromba D'Oro

CD08 - Canyon Cazuma
01 A Matter Of Time
02 Cedar Breaks
03 Cliff Dwellers
04 Hopi Mesa Heart
05 Purple Nightfall
06 Reflections
07 Rocky Mountain Hawk
08 Shadow Flyer
09 Water's Gift
10 Zion

CD09 - Tangines Scales (newly recorded)
01 After The Call (re-rec)
02 Barbakane (re-rec)
03 Horizon (Warsaw Gate Mix) (re-rec)
04 House Of The Rising Sun (Southend Mix) Trad.
05 Livemiles (Morning Glow Mix) (re-rec)
06 Storm Seekers , Cool Shibuya
07 Story Of The Brave (Vienna Mix)
08 Sungate (Red Rock Mix)
09 Teetering Scale (live)
10 Underwater Sunlight (re-rec)

CD10 - The Independent Years (newly recorded)
01 Atlas Eyes
02 The Midnight Trail
03 Twin Soul Tribe
04 Ivory Town
05 Marakesh
06 Crystal Curfew
07 Blue Mango Cafe
08 Three Bikes in the Sky
09 Valley of the Kings
10 Long Island Sunset
11 Yucatan
12 Alaskan Summer
13 Electric Lion

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