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Erik Wollo - Silent Currents Live At Star's End (2CD) (2011)
Category: Electronic | Date: 11.07.2011 19:46
GENRE..... Electronic, Ambient
LABEL...... Projekt
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... 07.11.2011
COUNTRY... Norway

Erik Wollo - Silent Currents Live At Star's End (2CD) (2011)

A portion of the proceeds from Silent Currents are donated to CIMA of PA, the non-profit      
corporation responsible for The Gatherings Concert Series.
The 2-CD Silent Currents showcases a different side of Erik Wollo's sound. Here he explores   
fascinating electronic / ambient landscapes with slow-motion structures, surreal soundscapes  
and floating currents. Drawn from two separate live radio broadcasts, 104 minutes of music    
traverse a more ambient, atmospheric and textural side than experienced on his other albums.  
Recorded in the studio of the famous Star's End radio show in Philadelphia, these             
performances from 2002 and 2007 are each a disc-long continuous piece with several chapters.  
With more focus on the deep drones than on melody and rhythm, zones drift and morph,          
organically flowing into each other. Layers of electronics and processed sound combine with   
light touches of electric guitar melody floating on top. Quiet, sparse and gentle electronic  
music with ambient passages mix with occasions of sequencer pulses.

Silent Currents is the 15th release from the Norwegian guitarist, synthesist and composer     
following his successful 2010 Projekt release, Gateway. In June, Wollo released The Road      
Eternal collaboration with Steve Roach succeeding their 2009 joint effort, Stream of          
Thought; both essential albums in the electronic genre introduced a new audience to Wollo's   
personal signature of introspective atmospherics.

Star's End is one of the longest-running radio programs of ambient music in the world. Since  
1976, this show has provided the Philadelphia broadcast area with weekly midnight musical     
adventures. Erik says, ôI have been kindly invited to perform at Star's End multiple times.   
To perform 'on the air' late at night in the radio studio contributed to these unique and     
inspired performances. In this setting, it felt very natural to do some downtempo and quiet,  
floating ambient music. Thus, this release is more abstract and chilled out than I usually    
present on my studio albums. Some elements of the music was improvised; I brought various     
sound excerpts, loops and atmospheres, and performed and composed these into long continuous  
zones, all done in real time."

Chuck Van Zyl, host of Star's End adds, "Over the years Star's End has hosted many live to    
air concerts, usually with artists fresh from The Gatherings Concert Series stage. The act    
of playing a second, more intimate concert after a public event provides a sense of           
summation to a powerful experience. But the unique radio venue also offers musicians a space  
for discovery, as they turn from focused music for The Gatherings community to atmospheres    
for an audience each in their own dream space. Erik Wollo enthusiastically embraces this      
idea using his on-air concerts to explore moods and zones only found in the late hour and     
unconventional situation. There is an interesting energy arcing through Silent Currents:      
Erik descends into himself, realizing music completely in the moment. The resulting new       
works are wonderful expressions of ambience, texture and this artist's potent sense of drama  
as Wollo creates space, then fills it with ever-evolving sound." 

With his focus on the deep drones and interwoven ambient tributaries, Wollo creates a vivid   
soundtrack for the senses, taking the listener to the outer reaches of the imagination.       
Impressionistic electronic / ambient music at its best! Relax and float on the Silent         
01   Silent Currents 1, Part 1    (04:23)
02   Silent Currents 1, Part 2     (06:34)
03   Silent Currents 1, Part 3    (02:39)
04   Silent Currents 1, Part 4    (02:11)
05   Silent Currents 1, Part 5    (05:00)
06   Silent Currents 1, Part 6    (03:47)
07   Silent Currents 1, Part 7    (06:01)
08   Silent Currents 1, Part 8    (04:43)
09   Silent Currents 1, Part 9    (03:51)
10   Silent Currents 1, Part 10   (07:25)
11   Silent Currents 1, Part 11   (01:57)
12   Silent Currents 1, Part 12   (03:58)
01   Silent Currents 2, Part 1    (05:22)
02   Silent Currents 2, Part 2    (03:42)
03   Silent Currents 2, Part 3    (02:51)
04   Silent Currents 2, Part 4    (03:51)
05   Silent Currents 2, Part 5    (02:27)
06   Silent Currents 2, Part 6    (03:16)
07   Silent Currents 2, Part 7    (02:05)
08   Silent Currents 2, Part 8    (04:36)
09   Silent Currents 2, Part 9    (04:22)
10   Silent Currents 2, Part 10   (02:24)
11   Silent Currents 2, Part 11   (02:09)
12   Silent Currents 2, Part 12   (04:14)
13   Silent Currents 2, Part 13   (05:13)
14   Silent Currents 2, Part 14  (05:02)
Password: mp3db

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