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Duran Duran - Rio (2CD Remastered Limited Edition) (2009)
Category: Electronic | Date: 28.09.2009 17:48
GENRE..... Electronic
STYLE...... Synth-pop
LABEL..... EMI Records
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... 26-09-2009

Duran Duran - Rio (2CD Remastered Limited Edition) (2009)

Rather than taking the more familiar jewel case approach this title is presented in a high    
quality hardback book style with the 38 page booklet taking precedence. With a high           
proliferation of full and double page colour photos you'll gain an effective flavour of the   
unique image of the style conscious 1982 Duran Duran. Daryl Easlea pens some worthy           
interesting sleeve notes for the "Duran Duran, Rio and the Nineteen Eighties" booklet whilst  
alternate single page full song lyrics appear between pages 44 and 52. Looking through the    
booklet there are some truly jaw-droppingly stunning double and single page images taking in  
promos (in the midst of the deserted ruined temple (24-25), on the beach with native          
costumed locals (28-29)), original album artwork (sharp suited quintet on the roof with a     
night-time neon lit London skyline featuring St Paul's cathedral behind them) and special     
promotional group/individual shots (with Sydney harbour bridge behind them on page 23, a      
garden group shot on page 27 and a sumptuous two page spread (40-41) in a cocktail bar        
settting). So what of the discs I hear you ask? Well the main appeal for me was the           
inclusion of the 'Night Version' of "My Own Way" which I feel is the finest extended remix    
that the group have ever made. Couple that with the seductively relaxed B-side song "Like An  
Angel" and these are definitely the main bonus items of initial interest for me when          
deciding to buy this title. Weighing in at 68 minutes per disc they are to be found held in   
inner cover mounted sleeves (front and rear) which offer a healthy mix of the original UK     
album, US album mixes, Manchester Square demo, non album singles/B-Sides, Versions and Mixes  
which is certainly in keeping with the 'definitive' release aspect of this title. Stunningly  
beautiful in execution, painstakingly thorough in approach this product is an absolute        
delight and is certainly to become a treasured item in any music fans collection. It          
significantly rises the standard for quality packaged compact disc releases and, if like me   
you plan to keep it in pristine condition (in protective bubble wrap when not in use), it     
seems likely that it has the potential to increase in value in years to come. This seems to   
be a totally faultless, entirely satisfying music CD title that is an absolute joy to own.    
Highly recommended!                                                                           

Exact content of the discs:                                                                   
disc 1
tracks 1-9   original UK album released May 1982                                              
tracks 10-14 original US album mixes released in US November 1982                             

tracks 1-4   The Manchester Square demos recorded 28th August 1981                            
tracks 5-8   Non album singles and B-Sides                                                    
tracks 9-13  Versions & Mixes
01. Rio
02. My Own Way
03. Lonely In Your Nightmare
04. Hungry Like The Wolf
05. Hold Back The Rain
06. New Religion
07. Last Chance On The Stairway
08. Save A Prayer
09. The Chauffeur
10. Rio (US Album Remix)
11. My Own Way (Carnival Remix)
12. Lonely In Your Nightmare (US Album Remix)
13. Hungry Like The Wolf (US Album Remix)
14. Hold Back The Rain (US Album Remix)

01. Last Chance On The Stairway (The Manchester Square Demo)
02. My Own Way (The Manchester Square Demo)
03. New Religion (The Manchester Square Demo)
04. Like An Angel (The Manchester Square Demo)
05. My Own Way (7'' Version)
06. Like An Angel
07. Careless Memories (Live At The Hammersmith Odeon)
08. The Chauffeur (Blue Silver) (Early Version)
09. My Own Way (Night Version)
10. Hungry Like The Wolf (Night Version)
11. Rio (Night Version)
12. New Religion (Carnival Remix)
13. Hold Back The Rain (Carnival Remix)
Password: mp3db

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