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Project Pitchfork - Akkretion (2018)

We Are Temporary - Embers (2018)

Kirlian Camera - Hologram Moon (2CD Limited Edition) (2018)

Cardinal Noire - Deluge (2018)

Electro Spectre - Bullets & Desert Blooms Re-Work 2018 (2018)

L'Ame Immortelle - Hinter dem Horizont (Deluxe Version) (2018)

Daniel B. Prothese - CHZWaar+ZMe+aaL (2CD Limited Edition) (2018)

Cesium_137 - Rise To Conquer (2018)

Retractor - Janus (2018)

Lionhearts - Companion (2018)

Mantus - Staub & Asche (2CD) (2018)

Mirland/Larsen - Disturbia (2018)

VA - EBM Industries Vol. 1 (2017)

Psyche - Under The Radar (Limited Edition) (2017)

Sleepwalk - Tempus Vincit Omnia (2CD) (2017)

VA - Blank & Jones Present So80s (So Eighties) - Vol. 11 (2CD) (2018)

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Category: Pop | Date: 05.04.2006 01:49
DATE: 02-04-2006
01. How Do You Do
02. Illegal (Ft. Carlos Santana)
03. Hips Don't Lie (Ft. Wyclef Jean)
04. Animal City
05. Don't Bother
06. The Day And The Time (Ft. Gustavo Cerati)
07. Dreams for Plans
08. Hey You
09. Your Embrace
10. Costume Makes The Clown
11. Something
12. Timor
13. Don't Bother (Jrsnchz Radio Mix)

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Category: ElectronicDance | Date: 05.04.2006 00:43
Genre      : Dance
Bitrate    : 207 kbps avg
Rls date   : 2006-04-01
1. Pakito - Living On Video (Original Radio Edit)
2. DJ Joystick - Tetris 2005 (Single Edit)       
3. Mister Cosmic - Mister Cosmic In Town (Shanana) (Radio Edit)
4. Fat Dog Pres. Andi (Le Bebe Qui Danse) - Hey! Baby!
5. The Boy Rackers - Bla Bla Bla (Original Edit)
6. Amadou & Mariam - Beaux Dimanches (Mone Dj's Remix)
7. Hi Tack - Say Say Say (Waiting 4U) (Radio Mix)
8. Dero Feat. Leee John - Dero's Illusion (Radio Edit)
9. Phats & Small - Sweet Dreams (Radio Edit)
10.Mylo Vs Miami Sound Machine - Doctor Pressure 
11.Pink - Get The Party Started (Redman Remix Clean Radio Edit)
12.K-Maro Feat. Shy M - Histoires De Luv         
13.Fat Dog - Ring A Digidoo                      
14.113 - Un Gaou A Oran
15.Magic System - Bouger Bouger                  
16.Anaklein - Estrala Da Vida
17.DJ Furax Vs Red Shark - Big Orgus (Original Mix)
18.The Drill - The Drill (Radio Edit)            
19.French Butchers - Where Is The Scalpel (Original Mix)
20.Natasha Thomas - Skin Deep (Radio Version)
21.DHT Feat. Edmee - Listen To Your Heart (Edmee's Unplugged Vocal)
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Category: Pop | Date: 05.04.2006 00:18
RIP DATE...: Mar-28-2006
QUALITY....: VBR  /  44.1Hz  /  Joint-Stereo
GENRE......: Pop
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Category: ElectronicDrum & Bass | Date: 05.04.2006 00:03
Genre : Drum & Bass
Bitrate : VBR.Kbps.44,1kHz
1. Together Again (Logistics Remix)
2. Dos Or Die
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Category: ElectronicDance | Date: 04.04.2006 23:57
GENRE...[ Dance
REL.DATE[ Apr-01-2006
01 Groove Coverage - On The Radio
02 Skam - Right In The Night
03 Strider - Impazzire
04 Reezy & Beezy - Ayala
05 Club Code - Elektro People
06 Muzikale Inc. - Walking In Memphis
07 Sound On Line - Crime Of Passion
08 Julian DJ & Davide Sonar - Acid Tetris
09 Bass Bros - Boys
10 Groove Coverage - On The Radio
11 Club Code - Elektro People
12 Cosmic Guys - Hardcore
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Category: Top 40 | Date: 04.04.2006 23:35
Genre........: top 40
Release Date.: mar/30/2006
01. raffaela. right here, right now
02. akon feat. ali b.. yes-r. ghetto
03. kane. believe it
04. eros ramazzotti vs. anastacia. i belong to you
05. simon webbe. no worries
06. andrea bocelli vs. marco borsato. because we believe
07. blof [met kodo]. aanzoek zonder ringen
08. chris brown. run it! (no rap)
09. gabriel rios. broad daylight
10. the source feat. candi station. you got the love
11. belle perez. el mundo bailando
12. the opposites. slaap
13. d-ground. you gotta be
14. rihanna. if its lovin that you want
15. meck feat. leo sayer. thunder in my heart
16. k.t. tunstall. suddenly. see
17. bloodhound gang. uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss
18. the black eyed peas. pump it
19. the shapeshifters. incredible
20. kus. ik heb je gemist
21. jan smit. hoe kan ik van je dromen
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Category: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 04.04.2006 22:23
DSBP has joined forces with some former allies that have redesigned the band once known as FORCED, into the new REIN-FORCED power! Expect a very original and fresh blend of dark/harsh electro-industrial and EBM, d'n'b flavorings in the rhythms, and a dual vocal attack. Perfect music for the dance floors and very anthemic and catchy tracks also which tell it like it is!Another aggressive industrial assault from DSBP! They have some wicked arrangements which show lots of experience and fine programming which is nice to hear these days...key tracks include "waster", "hiatus","commitment suicide", "cyn-dicated", "boiling point", "poseur" and more! This one will pummel you hard and leave you on the floor convulsing and craving for more!!
GENRE..... Electro-Industrial, EBM
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... Apr-03-2006

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Category: ElectronicTrance | Date: 04.04.2006 22:12
Genre.: Trance
Quali.: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
01 Disc-O-Tec (Headrockin Club Mix)
02 Disc-O-Tec (Alex M. Remix)
03 All U Djs (Lonely in the Club Mix)
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Category: Top 40 | Date: 04.04.2006 22:09
Genre : Top 40
Release Date : Mar-31-2006
Quality : VBRkbps / 44.1Khz / Joint-Stereo
01.Nicol Sponberg - Crazy in Love
02.Barry Manilow - Love is A Many Splendored Thing
03.Imogen Heap - Goodnight and Go (Immis Radio Mix)
04.Megan Rochell Featuring Fabolous - the One You Need (Radio Edit)
05.Black Eyed Peas - Gone Going
06.Bone Thugs N Harmony and Wisin and Yandel - Take the Lead (Wanna Ride)
07.Missy Elliott - We Run this
08.New Cars - Not Tonight
09.Too Short - Blow the Whistle (Clean Edit)
10.India Arie Featuring Akon - I Am Not My Hair (Konvict Remix)
11.Paula Deanda Featuring Baby Bash - Doing Too Much (Radio Edit)
12.Lil Jon and E40 - Snap Ya Fingers
13.Wreckers - Leave the Pieces
14.Carrie Underwood - Dont Forget to Remember Me (Single Edit)
15.Cross Canadian Ragweed - this Time Around (Radio Edit)
16.Great Divide - the Plan
17.Kenny Chesney - Summertime
18.Dr Dre Featuring Rick Ross - Chevy Riding High (Clean Edit)
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Category: Pop | Date: 01.04.2006 22:36
GENRE....[ Pop
REL.DATE.[ 28-03-2006
QUALiTY..[ VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
01. Gary - Chariot
02. Royksopp - What Else Is There
03. Big Boys - Nasty Girl
04. Deep Dish - Dreams
05. Chanel - My Life
06. LMC Feat Rachel Mcfarlane - You Get What You Give
07. Ron Carrol - The Only Way Is Up
08. Mish Mash - Speechless
09. Wonderland Avenue - White Horse
10. Fairmont - Gazebo
11. Elektro Stance - Call My Name
12. Love Touch - Hate And Love
13. Earphones - Short Happy Life (Bonus Track)
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Category: ElectronicDrum & Bass | Date: 01.04.2006 22:30
genre          (Drum & Bass)
release date   (2006/03/30)
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Category: Pop | Date: 01.04.2006 22:23
Genre    : Pop
Ripped on: 03/30/2006
Quality  : VBR kbps
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Category: Electronic | Date: 01.04.2006 22:19
Release date        : 03-28-2006
Genre               : Electronic
Quality             : -V 2
01. Galvanize
02. The Boxer
03. Believe
04. Hold Tight London
05. Come Inside
06. The Big Jump
07. Left Right
08. Close Your Eyes
09. Shake Break Bounce
10. Marvo Ging
11. Surface To Air
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Category: ElectronicDance | Date: 01.04.2006 22:14
 GENRE........: Dance
 QUALiTY......: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / STEREO
 RLS.DATE.....: Mar-30-2006
01 Until the Morning__Provenzano DJ Edit RMX
02 Until the Morning__Provenzano DJ Club RMX
03 Until the Morning__Dance Radio Cut
04 Until the Morning__Original Pop Radio
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Category: ElectronicDance | Date: 01.04.2006 22:03
Genre........: Dance Mar-30-2006
quality......: VBR/44,1Hz/Joint-Stereo
01. Youthful
02. Mushroom
03. Such A Tease
04. Today
05. Drift Away
06. I've Got A Xerox To Copy
07. Even In This Moment
08. Yesterdays
09. Honey
10. We Become One
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Category: Rap | Date: 01.04.2006 18:12
Dutch Edition including smash hit remix of Ghetto Ft Ali B & Yes-R. 
Label: Universal
Genre: Hip-Hop 03/31/2006
Duration: 1:28:42
Quality: 44100Hz, Joint Stereo (VBR)
Size: 123.8 Mb

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Category: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 01.04.2006 18:03
After performing many gigs at important European Industrial festivals such as Maschinenfest and Elektoanschlag - presented here is the first studio album from Heimstatt Hypotash for the mighty Hands label. Expect the unexpected within the Electronica Industral field: Dark rhythmic noize anthems meet distorted beats, obscure electronic sounds and intelligent noise..."Storegga Effect" combines hard kicking industrial tracks, noisy electronica, calm beats and structured experimental pieces alongside an inspired recreation of Kraftwerk classic "Radioaktivitat". Excellent.
GENRE..... Techno-Industrial, Rhythm'n'Noise
LABEL..... Hands
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... Mar-31-2006
1   Natural Kill Switch
2   Sensitisation
3   Awtkan
4   How Kosmic They Are
5   Another Statement
6   Soy
7   Half Way To The Peak
8   Noforh
9   Serpentines
10   Radioaktivitaet
11   Storegga Effehelf In Motion
12   Storegga Effeilence
13   Storegga Effesunami
14   Biosphere Reboot
15   Dark Rhythm Noise Anthem

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Category: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 01.04.2006 02:08
Всем любителям KiEW, Xotox, Feindflug... качать не задумываясь :)
The first album on the legendary Hands Productions from North American noize project Scrap.Edx. With "Recoil The Void" mastermind Joshua Colella offers 74 minutes of devastatingly hard-tech rhythmic electro-industrial music constructed against a dark, futuristic landscape of turbulence and conflict. As evident with track titles like "Machine Death" and And "Life As War" Scrap.Edx allude to the direction of this album and sse strong rhythm?n?noise beats, Industrialized techno rhythms, vocal samples and crispy digital accompaniments to provide nine club friendly tracks.  
GENRE..... Techno-Industrial, Rhythm'n'Noise
LABEL..... Hands
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... Mar-31-2006
01. Machine Death
02. Fight!
03. Life As War
04. I Am The Spectrum Smasher
05. Landing
06. Recoil The Void
07. Show Me The Meaning Of Haste
08. Cut, Conceive, Crawl
09. Rotting Utopic Fruit (Remix)
10. Hey Johnny Look!

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Category: RockGothic | Date: 31.03.2006 21:03
Label: Gun Record
Genre: Gothic Rock
QUALITY: VBRkbps/44,1/Joint-Stereo
SIZE:  87,1 MB
RELEASE DATE: Mar-24-2006

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Category: MetalBlack, death metal | Date: 31.03.2006 20:52
Восьмой полнометражный альбом мощнейшей формации из Канады. После многочисленных туров по всему миру, участия в саундтреках к двум фильмам (один документальный, а другой - художественный), многочисленных показов видеоклипов на ведущих музыкальных каналах, включая MTV и VIVA группа продолжает бомбардировать планету своими дэт-металлическими фугасами! Группа получила в 2004 году высокую награду за свои заслуги - канадскую Indie Music Award, сьездила в турне с легендарными Danzig. В записи новейшего альбома 'In The Arms Of Devastation' принял участие Morgan Lander (Kittie) и участники группы Into Eternity Rob и Tim. Продюсер - снова сам участник группы Jean Francois Dagenais (Malevolent Creation, Misery Index). Сводил материал знаменитый Tue Madsen (Gorefest, Konkhra, Grope, Raunchy, The Haunted, Panzerchrist, Mnemic, Ektomorph, Destiny, Aborted, Disbelief, Born From Pain). Обложку нарисовал Anthony Clarkson (Blind Guardian, Rage, Shadows Fall, Lacuna Coil, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, Soilwork, Iced Earth). Было снято видео к композиции "Crippled & Broken". Альбом вышел в конце фераля и достиг в национальных немецких альбомных чартах позиции №76! Оценки прессы - Metal Hammer 7/7, Rock Hard 10/10, Legacy - 1 место саундчека.
Originally released: 02-21-2006
Release date: 03-27-2006
Genre: Death-Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast America
Size of Files: 71,5 MB

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Category: Electronic | Date: 31.03.2006 15:50
Distorted Reality are back and with a stronger presence than ever! They took their already amazing sound, finessed it and experimented, defying genres. 'Daydreams and Nightmares' takes the listener through a 16 track journey and includes guest vocals by Julia Beyer of Technoir and Andreas Meyer of Forma Tadre plus a cover of "Rebel Yell" (originally by Billy Idol) and remixes by In Strict Confidence, Agonoize, Das Ich, Daniel Myer and Dust of Basement. Produced by Andres Meyer of Forma Tadre.
Quality...: VBR kbps / 44.1Hz / Joint-Stereo
Label.....: Nilaihah Records
Rel.Date: 03/31/2006
Genre.....: Synthpop

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Category: Electronic | Date: 31.03.2006 15:41
Causing quite a stir within the European synth/electro-pop scene with their fun and feist debut album "Joy Toy", Swedish four-piece Thermostatic unveil two CD singles that are a must for all fans of top quality, melodic Euro techno-pop. The first single "So Close So Near" includes Remixes from new signings Universal Poplab, Synthpop sensations CODE 64 plus the album version. The single is rounded up with "No Hands" a storming electro-pop anthem full of dark basslines, sparkling sequencers and slightly vocoded male/female vocals - an awesome track that signals a big future for this excellent band. The second single "Private Machine" ropes in the MESH boys for driving trance-infused Remix and instrumental versions, next to the album version and exclusive B-Side "SW337 9RL". - a saccarine slice of bleepy, stripped down robotic pop with female vocals to the fore. Both of these CDM's come linked together with a spiral bound, a code to get extra lovely tracks and is limited to 101 copies.
Quality...: VBR kbps / 44.1Hz / Joint-Stereo
Label.....: Wonderland Records
Rel.Date: 03/28/2006
Genre.....: Techno-pop
01 So Close So Near-Universal Poplab Rmx Radio Edit
02 So Close So Near-Universal Poplab Rmx Extended
03 So Close So Near-Code 64 Armakuni Version
04 So Close So Near-Album Version
05 No Hands
01 Private Machine-Mesh Rmx
02 Private Machine-Mesh Rmx Instrumental
03 Private Machine-Album Version
04 SW337 9RL
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Category: Rock | Date: 31.03.2006 15:36
LABEL:........Playground Music
BITRATE:......VBRkbps / 44,1Khz / Joint-Stereo
SIZE:.........25,9 MB
RIP DATE:.....Mar-30-2006
01. Shot
02. Keep Your Heart Broken (Live)
03. Shot (Live)
04. Open My Eyes (Acoustic Version)

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Category: Electronic | Date: 31.03.2006 15:30
"Where The Love Has Died" is the third full-length release by electronic pop (now) duo Moonlife. On this release the band stay true to their roots mingling catchy techno-pop feel-good dance tracks and moody electronic laments but also reach out into new territory which seems to capture both retro-cool Prog Rock (ELO, Led Zepplin, Genesis) and modern electro (Mylo, Moby, Goldfrapp, Postal Service).
Quality...: VBR kbps / 44.1Hz / Joint-Stereo
Label.....: Planet XOX
Rel.Date: 03/28/2006
Genre.....: Electronic
01 Where Were You
02 The Lovehaters
03 I Didn't Know What I Had
04 Fjord
05 Is Something Wrong
06 Not Now
07 Sail Away
08 You Take It Away
09 Lonely Departure
10 Swan Song (Kiss The Curtain)

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Category: Electronic | Date: 31.03.2006 15:23
Robert Enforsen (the voice behind Elegant Machinery, one of the biggest cult-synthpop-acts of all time) is back and together with David Elg and Sanna Lundberg they form the band HYPE. "Desperately Yours" delivers nothing but the absolute finest that can be offered in electronic pop music, mixing the classic smooth sounds of Elegant Machinery albums with an effortless modern touch on an album of sublime, melodic electro-pop songs. Additionally on "Desperately Yours" Hype are also joined by the Trans-X lead vocalist Pascal Languirand in an wonderful coverversion of the electronic No.1 classic "Living On Video". Yet another quality release from the Progress Productions label. 
GENRE..... Synthpop
LABEL..... Progress Productions
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... Mar-27-2006

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